Janice Lathrop


Teaching Garage was inspired by Janice’s own childhood and education. Janice spent the first half of her education in a large urban district where learning lacked luster and students were categorized by their abilities to take standardized tests. She then spent the latter half of her education in a large suburban district that valued project-based learning where learning came to life through real-world application and career exploration. It was this gap in experiences that drew Janice to the classroom to first understand education from a teacher’s perspective.

Janice Lathrop is a former teacher who believes the classroom should be a place where students innovate, apply learned skills, and discover interests and future aspirations. Janice is a graduate of the Harvard Graduate School of Education and the University of Virginia’s Curry School of Education. Prior to teaching, Janice worked in policy at the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Legislative and Congressional Affairs and the South Korean Ministry of Education. Janice has also been in television, web, and radio production at NBC’s Today Show, WNET, and WUVA FM.

Advisory Board

Kathy Hurley

Kathy is a 40+ year veteran of the education industry and her experience spans both publishing and technology. She is currently an Executive Vice President of Education Alliances at Pearson. Formerly, she served as the Chairman of P21, the Partnership for 21st Century Skills. Kathy was a 2014 Fellow at the Advanced Leadership Initiative at Harvard University.

Carol Johnson

Dr. Carol Johnson is a lifelong educator. Under her leadership as the superintendent of Boston Public Schools, BPS became the highest performing urban school district in the country. She formerly served as the Superintendent in Memphis, TN and Minneapolis, MN. She was a 2014 Fellow at the Advanced Leadership Initiative at Harvard University.

Art Reimers

Art is a former Managing Director and Partner at Goldman Sachs & Co. He was a 2014 Fellow at the Advanced Leadership Initiative at Harvard University. Art is involved in several education reform initiatives, and his mentorship has been instrumental to Teaching Garage’s early success.

Marissa Dent

Marissa is a Principal at Bain & Company, a global strategy consulting firm. Marissa has specialized expertise in the retail, media, and consumer products sectors. She is passionate about developing novel models of education with a particular interest in improving public education in primary and secondary schools.

Tony Wagner

Dr. Tony Wagner is an Expert in Residence at Harvard University’s Innovation Lab. Formerly, Tony was an Innovation Education Fellow at the Technology & Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard. His background is in teaching and school administration. He writes and speaks about the need for teaching creativity and innovation in public schools. He is the author of Creating Innovators: A Making of Young People Who Will Change the World.

Educator Advisory Board

Vince Parisi

Vince was an engineer working with an environmental engineering consulting firm at the beginning of his career. He made a career switch into education as a teacher, then an administrator for several districts in the New Jersey Public School system. Vince has been in the NJPS for twenty years and was most recently a Math and Science Supervisor, where he led teachers across schools and districts in progressive, innovative STEM instruction. Vince values interdisciplinary learning across content areas and making math and science instruction applicable, practical and meaningful to student lives.

Stephen Plaskon

He has worked with Teacher Training and Teacher Education since his appointment to the faculty at the University of Virginia. He leads instruction and student teacher training for the BAMT Five Year Teacher Education program at Curry. Dr. Plaskon is President and CEO of Education Consulting Services of Virginia LLC, an education consultancy firm working with public and private schools, education enterprises and professional organizations both domestically and abroad. He also served as President of the Virginia Society for Technology in Education where he contributed as a journal editor and publications reviewer.

Karen Ritcey

Karen Ritcey co-founded SilverDart Learning with a mission to inspire students to engage in and love learning. Having worked in market development with Apple’s education team and in educational publishing, Karen understands the connections between technology, student engagement and effective teaching and learning. As a parent, her frustration in finding solutions to help a struggling child ignited the entrepreneurial spirit required to start SilverDart Learning.

Now, entrepreneur, consultant and education enthusiast, Karen spends her time making a real difference to students and teachers. Karen’s mission is to integrate meaningful technology solutions with curriculum to improve teaching and learning.